Case Studies

Park Theatre

The theatre approached us to be a part of their complete building re-facing.  The original canopy was in need of extensive maintenance so the decision was made to give the Park Theatre a new marquee and support structure that kept the original elements.  They upgraded their old marquee lights to energy efficient LED lighting saving 90% in energy costs.  They also selected a pair of high resolution display screens that would show the most detailed images of upcoming events.

Resolution = 10mm, full colour
Size = 4’ tall x 8’ wide

Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre

This client approached us because they wanted a cost effective way to spread the news of upcoming events to the community.  Postime worked with them to develop a new sign with a structure that resembled the finish on the new building.  They chose medium resolution full colour screens designed to show basic images and text messages for the Centre.

Resolution = 20mm, full colour
Size = 2.5’ tall x 7’ wide

East St. Paul Medical

This client asked Postime to build a premium free standing sign as well as custom building signage that would reflect the high end finishes being used.  The owner wanted all of the signage to be in the same style and selected stainless steel halo lit letters for the building.  The pylon sign includes unique frosted plexiglass with text and the highest resolution full colour display screens to share messages from all the tenants.

Resolution = 10mm, full colour
Size = 4’ tall x 7.5’ wide

Robertson School

This school wanted to upgrade their existing signage and wanted to match the historic look of the school and blend in with their surroundings.  They also felt that a monochrome text-based sign fit their budget and needs the best.  Our recommendation was for a lower sign with a brick base and 3 line red text on black background sign.

Resolution = 20mm, red text
Size = 2’” tall x 7’ wide

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Postime was approached to build a very high quality sign that would reflect the high standards of this trade school.  The result is an all aluminum sign with push through acrylic letters that give the sign a crisp look at night.  The entire sign was built with hidden fasteners and powder coating instead of painting.  The result is an aircraft-grade and blemish-free look.

LED backlit, routered faces
Size = 15’ tall x 7’ wide

Eden Cannabis – halo lit channel letters

This client wanted a sleek sign that displayed a minimalist look during the day, but would have a striking effect at night.  The result was black on grey halo lit letters that really comes to life at night.

Freshii Restaurant

Freshii’s brand is based on all natural, always fresh food.  They wanted a unique way of showing this to customers that would stand out from the competition.  We helped them achieve this with a faux-hedge look to resemble a “living wall” inside the building and out.

Face-lit channel letters outdoors and acrylic letters indoors completed the project.