When you need to get information to your customers, whether they are your hotel guests or students in your high school, the indoor digital sign is a perfect solution.

They are easily read from a distance, come in many sizes and finishes and are customizable for every business application from banks, to hotels, high schools or manufacturing plants.

Product Categories

We know that “one size” never fits all. That’s why we offer the Postime Personalized Quote. It’s our opportunity to explore your needs first and then make recommendations from our wide product categories.


Indoor Displays

Indoor LED displays are an effective way to reach your customers and are perfect for communicating simple messages quickly to large numbers.  This has made LED signs the best choice for hotel lobbies, airport check-ins or baggage carousels, etc.  Limited only by imagination, these signs are perfect for educational, business and manufacturing applications.


Large Indoor Displays

Large displays are perfect for those who require a super-sized informational presence like movie theatres, box offices and similar businesses. Postime offers a complete solution, from marquee signage to custom software specially designed for the theatre industry among others.

We also offer LCD televisions to add a richer experience for your messages.  These digital displays can be installed one at a time or grouped  together to reach your audience in the most effective manner.